121 Puppy Training & Behaviour

For Puppies under 6 months of age

Private training sessions allows us to focus on your specific issues and provide bespoke training. If you find that you cannot make it to classes, 121 puppy sessions are a brilliant alternative to cover the Puppy School syllabus and more.

Whether you are struggling with puppy problems or just looking for reassurance and preventative methods, we can help.

Training can take place in the comfort of your home and include a local walk (if appropriate).

We rely on scientific, evidence based techniques to modify behaviour. Happy and confident puppies make for a better companion and this is why we only use ethical, force free training methods throughout our training & behaviour sessions. We understand that puppy owners are often faced with conflicting advice and it can be impossible to know what is the best thing to do. We are here to provide up to date training and behaviour advice to help you feel confident in raising your new puppy.

Each puppy session lasts approximately 1 hour.

  • Puppy Session x 1 - £55

Ideal to help with those immediate puppy conundrums including toilet training and puppy biting.

  • Puppy Session x 3 - £160

A mini series of sessions to focus on any puppy problems that you are experiencing or make a start on basic training including loose lead walking, jumping up when greeting people and coming when called.

  • Puppy Session x 5 - £260

An alternative to the Puppy School course with additional opportunity to cover any extra topics that you would like to.

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