Online Training Classes

Online training classes mean that you can still access quality training for your dog without even leaving your home.

We use the conferencing platform Whereby to deliver fun, friendly and effective training. All you need is a link from us with no need to download any software.

Benefits of online training include:

  • No distractions of a training class – you get to practise in the comfort of your own home, where your dog will inevitably be more settled.

  • Small groups – we take no more than 4 dogs into each online course, allowing lots of time for individual coaching.

  • No travelling to classes – it is literally on your doorstep!

  • Children are welcome to take part in the training with you.

  • Lots of encouragement and support from one another as well as your tutor.

Online Foundation Life Skills

Foundation Life Skills has been designed to give you the tools to teach your dog to become a calm, responsive and happy companion.

The course will include the obedience basics: sit, down, stand, heel work, recall and stay. Other important skills such as being settled, allowing handling and meting people are also practised.

This course is ideal for adult dogs that have missed out on initial training including rescue dogs or those needing a refresher.

The cost of the 4 week course is £40.

Online Ultimate Life Skills

Ultimate Life Skills has been designed to build on basic training and puppy training.

The course will include: stay, move, stop, leave and drop as well as adding challenges to the basics: recall, heel and positions. Also included are handler focus and self control elements such as not: stealing food, barging through doors or chasing wildlife. Other important skills such as being settled, allowing handling and meting people are also practised.

On the last class, we will introduce you and your dog to some fun doggy sports and activities!

The cost of the 6 week course is £60.

Online Self Control

This course is ideal for dogs going through adolescence, a follow on from puppy training or those who would benefit from a little extra training in general.

This workshop will show you how to train your dog to know how to behave in everyday situations; to make good choices by themselves. The best part is that once you have taught them what behaviour you like, you will not have to ask them to stop doing the unwanted behaviour again. The course covers several unwanted behaviours, including: barging through doors, stealing food, chasing wildlife, jumping up and more.

We will show your dog the value of 'good manners'. You will learn how you can encourage your dog to behave in a way that you like and therefore, live more harmoniously together.

The cost of the 3 week course is £30.

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