Dog Training Classes

Do you have a rescue or rehomed dog in need of some training?

Or perhaps your older puppy could do with a refresher?

Even if you are simply looking for something fun to do with your dog, we can help.

Group classes can be a brilliant way to not only improve your dog's behaviour but also allow for beneficial social experiences. Classes also offer opportunities to train with distractions where you can practise gaining and maintaining your dog's attention! Training with other people in a supportive atmosphere really is such a boost when you may be worried that things are not always going in the right direction. Let us help you build a truly wonderful relationship with your dog.

All dogs must be up to date with the core vaccinations or titre testing for classes.

Classes will continue to be run following social distancing rules.

Aylesbury & Haddenham (indoor venues) will be limited to 4 dogs per class with a maximum of 2 people per dog. Masks are required for indoor classes.

Henton (outdoor venue) classes will be limited to 6 dogs with households permitted to attend.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for further details.

Henton Dog Club... the fields of Rowan Farm in Henton on Saturday mornings.

Dog Club is suitable for social dogs from around 6 months of age. Each class covers a different topic including: self control work, doggy parkour, agility, rally, scentwork, trick training and more!

Dog Club allows you to pay per class as and when you can attend. The cost of each hour class is £10 per class.

Ultimate Life Skills... Hawkslade Community Centre on Thursday evenings and in the fields of Rowan Farm in Henton on Saturday mornings.

Ultimate Life Skills is suitable for dogs that have missed out on initial training as well as those needing a refresher after basic puppy training.

The course includes how to ask your dog to wait, leave, drop and move as well as emergency stop, come when called, walk on lead without pulling and reinforce the sit, down and stand positions. Also included are self control elements such as not: stealing food, barging through doors or chasing wildlife. Other important skills such as being settled, allowing handling and meeting people appropriately are also practised.

On the last class, we will introduce you and your dog to some fun doggy sports and activities!

Each class lasts for 1 hour and the cost of the 6 week course is £95.

Next start dates:

15th January @ 10am in Henton

20th January @ 7:45pm in Aylesbury

Tracking Club... the fields of Rowan Farm in Henton on Saturday afternoons.

Tracking is a great low impact, low adrenaline activity for dogs and can help to improve general behaviour and the relationship between you and your dog. Dogs are already pro trackers but people are not! You will learn how to let your dog track and follow them without interfering and influencing their detective work. These classes focus on learning how to improve your handling and give the control and confidence to your dog to track. You will also learn how to set up tracks of your own to enjoy at your leisure.

Each 2 hour class is £20

Discover your dog's hidden talent! Mentally and physically satisfied dogs guaranteed by the end of each class.

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