121 Training & Behaviour

For dogs over 6 months of age

Has your perfect puppy become a tricky teenager?

Perhaps your dog has developed a problem behaviour or you would like guidance on helping your new rescue or rehomed dog settle in.

We understand how stressful these problems can be for both dog and owner so if you are finding it difficult to cope with your dog's behaviour, we can help.

The first step is the initial session where we take time learning about you and your dog and what problems you are both experiencing. We will discuss why your dog is behaving the way that they are and provide an overview of how you can address their behaviour. We will recommend a training & behaviour package that is appropriate for you and your dog.

We rely on scientific, evidence based techniques to modify behaviour. Understanding the cause of the unwanted behaviour is crucial to treating the problem effectively. Simply treating the symptoms is not going to help in the long run and potentially puts the dog's welfare at risk. This is why we only use ethical, force free training methods throughout our training & behaviour plans.

What can I expect?

Veterinary Referral

We may require a referral from your vet before training can begin, especially if your dog is presenting with a more complex or serious problem behaviour (as per the APBC code of conduct). This is to ensure that any medical factors that could be affecting the problem are known and are treated accordingly. We will communicate with your vet throughout training to ensure that your dog is supported both medically and behaviourally.

We will inform you if we require a veterinary referral for your dog and provide full guidance on how to do this.


If your dog is presenting with a more complex or serious problem behaviour, we will ask you to complete a behaviour questionnaire prior to the initial session. This will allow you to give detailed background information about your dog and help to save time at the initial session. The information you give will be explored in depth during the initial session and we may ask you to provide more detail on any important areas.

Initial Session

The initial session will last approximately 1.5 hours and can take place in the comfort of your home and include a local walk (if appropriate). We will take a full behavioural history of your dog in conjunction with the veterinary history (if required). From here, we will discuss how best you can support your dog to better behaviour, practise training techniques and recommend an appropriate training & behaviour package.

An initial session is £150 and includes personalised training notes.

Training & Behaviour Support Packages

During the Initial session, we will help you to decide what is the best support package for you and your dog. We know that training on your own can be difficult and you may have questions and concerns about how to proceed or if things do not seem to be going well. It is important to us that you feel that you are seeing improvements with your dog's behaviour and this is best achieved with our continued support and guidance.

Whether your are experiencing a simple training glitch or a more serious behaviour problem, we have a training package that will suit you. All support sessions can take place in the comfort of your home, on a walk or in a private secure field.

  • Training & Behaviour Support Session x 1 - £60

Suitable as a follow up for a straightforward problem. Single sessions are also available in combination with a larger support package or as and when required after an initial session.

  • Training & Behaviour Support Session x 3 - £175

Ideal for those looking to benefit from further support through training or if addressing multiple issues.

  • Training & Behaviour Support Session x 5 - £280

Suitable for more complex training and behaviour problems or for those who require additional support through a behaviour modification plan.

  • Training & Behaviour Support Session x 8 - £450

Maximum support for those addressing multiple training and behaviour issues. Most suitable for complex behaviour problems to ensure proper guidance and support throughout the behaviour modification plan.

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