Behaviour Consultations

Behaviour Consultations are only available to current or past clients at this time.

Has your pet developed a problem behaviour?

Are you struggling to cope with their behaviour or concerned about the potential consequences?

We understand how stressful behaviour problems can be for both pet and owner. We can assist with behavioural problems of dogs and cats to find an acceptable solution for all involved.

We can help with behavioural problems such as:

    • Aggression to Animals

    • Aggression to People

    • Separation Issues

    • Fearful, Anxious and Frustrated Animals

    • Inappropriate Toileting

    • Destructiveness

We rely on scientific, evidence based techniques to modify behaviour. Understanding the cause of the unwanted behaviour is crucial to treating the problem effectively. Simply treating the symptoms is not going to help in the long run and ignores the likely compromised welfare of the animal.

We offer 2 hour behavioural consultations in the comfort of your own home, priced at £150.00. Please note that locations further than 20 miles from Aylesbury, Bucks will accumulate milage costs of 50p per mile.

What can I expect?

Veterinary Referral

As per the APBC code of conduct, we only work on veterinary referral for behavioural problems. This is to ensure that medical factors that could be affecting the problem are known and can be treated appropriately. It may be the case that the problem does not have a behavioural component and is entirely caused by medical reasons and therefore can be treated by your vet. However, many behavioural problems can have a medical component requiring collaboration with your vet to devise the best course of action.


A questionnaire will be sent to you prior to the consultation, which will allow you to give detailed background information about your pet. The information you give will be explored in depth during the consultation.


The consultation will last approximately 2 hours, where a full behavioural history will be taken and in conjunction with the veterinary history, a diagnosis will be made. From here, a personally tailored treatment plan is formulated and we will coach you and your pet through how to carry out remedial training.


A full report will be sent to you after the consultation, which will include the treatment plan for you to follow. A copy will also be sent to your vet so that they are aware of the diagnosed problem and the advice given.


After the initial consultation, you will have unlimited phone and email support for 4 months. Further hourly sessions can also be arranged at a discounted price of £40.

Please contact us HERE to tell us about your pet's problem.

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