Robyn has been working with animals since 2007, where she began her career at Chilterns Dog Rescue Society. In 2012, Robyn graduated from Bristol University with an honours degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare. After graduating, Robyn has worked for the RSPCA and Blue Cross, caring for, rehabilitating and rehoming rescue animals. It was in 2016 that Robyn took the plunge and started her own business. Now Robyn offers training and behavioural help to the dogs and cats of Buckinghamshire and surrounding counties.

Robyn is committed to continuing her professional development through attending many training and behaviour conferences, workshops and seminars each year.

Robyn strongly believes that the animal training and behaviour industry should be regulated. It is a great concern that anyone can call themselves a trainer or behaviourist with no qualifications of recognition from professional bodies. Robyn is registered as an Animal Training Instructor with The Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC). Robyn is a provisional member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC), a candidate member of the Fellowship of Animal Behaviour Clinicians (FABC) and has gained pre-certification and is working towards gaining independent accreditation as a clinical animal behaviourist (CCAB) by the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB). Not only does this demonstrate Robyn's commitment to achieving the highest standards in the animal training and behaviour industry, it also means that Robyn follows the working guidelines as stated by the ABTC, APBC and FABC.

Robyn believes that all training should be enjoyable for you and your pet. Learning is most effective when those involved feel happy and safe. Robyn can assist you to help your pet learn better ways of behaving as well as building a more harmonious relationship between you and your pet. What is really important to Robyn is that your personal goals with your pet are achieved, that your pet's behaviour has improved and their wellbeing has been protected and enriched.

Here's to happy pets and their people!

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